Early Warning -
Early Action

IscAlert™ is a miniaturized disposable
biosensor that provides early
warning of ischemia.

A lifesaver Biomarker

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an end-metabolic product of all cells in all tissues. The human body keeps the tissue levels of CO2 in a narrow and very well controlled range. Any change of the tissue CO2 (or) level is considered pathologic, indicating either insufficient blood or oxygen to the tissue (ischemia), or excess oxygen to the tissue (hyperventilation).

The Unique Sensor Technology

SensoCure is the owner of a unique proprietary technology for detecting the tissue pCO2 level. The tissue pCO2 level may change due to critical perfusion, respiration or metabolic conditions. The SensoCure pCO2 technology gives basis for a row of products for early detection of either critical local or systemic conditions with high mortality and considerable cost to the health care providers.

The Product

IscAlert ™ offers a numbers of benefits


IscAlert™ addresses a largely unmet medical need as a user friendly, fast, robust real time monitoring device of ischemia.


IscAlert™ fits well into current medical practice by giving improved patient outcome and therefore substantially reduces healthcare costs by lowering the need for e.g. intensive care.


IscAlert™ is a direct and realtime method for measuring Ischemia.

Sensocure AS

Sensocure AS develops biomedical
sensors for healthcare. The main product
under development is IscAlert™, a CO2
sensor designed for the earliest possible
detection of ischemia.

Press and public relations

Sensocure har fått BIA-midler av Norges Forskningsråd

Gjennom BIA (Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena) finansierer Norges Forskningsråd prosjekter som skal gi høy verdiskaping både for de deltagende bedriftene og for samfunnet. Sensocure var en av søkerne til høstens utlysning, og har nådd frem med sin søknad. Prosjektet...

Fremtidens medisinske produksjonsteknologi

Sensocure, Medistim og GE Vingmed Ultrasound har fått innvilget prosjektstøtte fra programmet BIA Helse hos Norges forskningsråd. Prosjektet er ett av tre prosjekter som har nådd frem i konkurransen om støtte, med prosjektet «Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for...


April 2017: Sensocure won a regional research grant from «Oslofjordfondet» for its Multisense project. The subject of research in this project is integration of sensors for real-time and remote measurement of vital signs, including PCO2. Such sensors have the...