Sensocure AS is a company with major ambitions in the development and delivery of sensors for medical use. New medical technology developed in the company will be a breakthrough in real-time monitoring of body functions and early detection of organ damage. Sensocure AS has developed IscAlert™, a body-implantable micro biosensor that can monitor blood flow in the human body organs. The sensor is easy to use and has applications eg in cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, transplant surgery and reconstructive surgery. The sensor technology is patented in many parts of the world and the first version of the sensor is CE marked and FDA approved.

Sensocure was established in 2011 and currently 10 persons are working in Sensocure. Collaboration is established both in the research/university sector and the industrial sector, among others the University College of Southeast Norway (HSN), Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Microtech Innovation (MTI) and Memscap, for the development of sensor technology.  Sensocure is located at Skoppum, Norway.



Research position


Sensocure is seeking candidates for a full time R&D position within the field of biomedical sensor technology. The candidate is expected to take part in collaborative FoU projects at Sensocure, such as those achieved through The Research Council of Norway and Regional Research funds. Sensocure will in the R&D projects develop brand new biocompatible sensor technologies based on or centred around Sensocure patents, and investigate new designs and methods for integration, encapsulation, assembly and packaging. This is a temporary position for 2 years, with possibilities of expansion.


The main tasks in projects:

  • Development of conductometric and optical sensor technology
  • Development of electronic signal interface
  • Development of assembly and encapsulation
  • Participate in research and development of Sensocure products
  • Technical development of sensor system and documentation related to this



  • PhD degree in relevant field
  • Relevant research and field experience
  • Proven ability to publish in peer-reviewed journals
  • Interest in and ability to communicate research to practitioners and policy makers
  • Fluency in Norwegian and English, including excellent writing skills


Personal qualities:

  • You have an inner drive and you are creative and enjoy finding new solutions for challenges that you encounter
  • Ability to work well in team
  • Ability to work both hands-on and theoretically
  • Result- and solution-orientated
  • Work independently and systematically


We offer:

  • The chance to be part of groundbreaking development in the field
  • Close cooperation/ supervision from existing Sensocure staff and from scientific collaborators at the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and University College of Southeast Norway (HSN), industry and international research partners.
  • Competitive compensation with excellent pension and insurance



How to apply:


The application should include

  • Cover letter including motivation for the position
  • CV summarizing education, positions and academic work


Questions regarding the position can be directed to:

Please send your application by e-mail to: